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Updated: Feb 23, 2022

"I'm kind of a big deal in this industry." - Vilanelle (Killing Eve)

While I'm impatiently waiting for the last season of my favorite murderer female duo from "Killing Eve", I thought I might share some recently discovered motivational moving pictures, very much suitable for any movie night, when the weather is bad, the motivation to move equals zero and you still want to feel like a badass without the need of killing anybody ;)

Finding Joe (2011)

I discovered this inspirational movie by Patrick Takaya Solomon more than 10 years after it was first published. Its plot is very simple and it's carried by most of us in our own lives of little heroes. I recommend watching the intro, you'll see ;)

"I don't believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive." Joseph Campbell

World Debut (2011)

"I think they (Olympic Games) need skateboarding more than we need them." Tony Hawk

I watched this documentary right before the Olympic Games in 2021, as it's about all 3 sports which are dear to my heart - skateboarding, surfing, and climbing.

How is it possible that all 3 disciplines made it to Tokyo and what does it take to get there?

And now, ladies and gentlemen, it will get boring for all people who hate climbing and mountaineering, so hold on tightly, we will climb some vertical meters and laugh at the same time, because would it be worth to climb something badass without a proper laugh? :)

"Gentlemen, you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention." (Django unchained, 2012)

Cerro Torre (2013)

I can watch this documentary over and over again. Not because it's about David Lama, or about Cerro Torre (which I hope I'll see very very soon), it just describes pure passion for climbing, without being overly superficial or excessive. It's about one climber's dream which cannot be fulfilled right away, because nothing difficult ever can be done so easily, and definitely not the Cerro Torre "compressor route" free climbed.

Watch here at Redbull TV in German only.

Ô Bou du Bou (2021)

Imagine you are in midst of a pandemic. You cannot move more than just a few kilometers from your house (given by law and the extraordinary situation). What would you do if you would live in a cozy cottage in the middle of a mountain range?

This little movie about what can be done just around the corner from where you live, made by Chloé & Michaël David (both extraordinary snowboarders) we watched the first time in a private screening organized by both of them in La Clusaz. You'll love it, too.

WoGü (2020)

And again, an ex-couple - Nina Caprez and Cedric Lachat, both extraordinary climbers with even more spectacular goals and playful attitude are at WoGü, a super demanding multi-pitch route in Rätikon, Switzerland. They complete each other in their climbing skills and while playing jokes at each other, should it be Cedric's way of climbing and resting (and crimping) or watching his dog, waiting patiently at the foot of the mountain.

China Jam (2015)

Let me finish with my beloved and most funny ever climber on the Earth - Mister Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll! Just enter his name into your YouTube account and have a wonderful movie night. He's crazy, funny, a perfect mix of a climber and a musician, taking his flute and other musical instruments up the big walls, playing music on portaledges, while making himself popcorn :) He's having real fun up there!



A special bonus for all outdoor adventure (and Patagonia) lovers - do you want to sing along, then please help yourself! :)

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