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Why I decided to start a personal blog

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

One day, you realize that to be dependent on social media and their own rules, it doesn't serve you. And what's more, maybe I have something to tell, to show, and to inspire others - maybe not, but in the end, this is my space ;)

At "Bubichopf" in Oberdorf (SO)
At "Bubichopf" in Oberdorf (SO)

It actually started with a friend's idea - she told me: "You know, there are all these videos about accomplished climbers, mountaineers/alpinists, successful sports people, but there are no blogs or pages about people like us." It means people who just started climbing, don't feel accomplished at all, struggle with all basic stuff. So I thought, very well, let's have a page for all of us - losers! :D

It's time to learn blogging

How do you feel ? As always, I have no idea what or why I am doing - do you know this feeling? ;) Actually it's pretty great, you don't know where you'll end up or what will be the outcome, one just keeps going and maybe one discovers that it's pretty much about learning and having fun on the way.

Create relevant content

This is one of the advises you get as a blogger, but no worries, I'll be posting some random things which will come to my mind and that I feel are worth sharing. I will add hashtags everywhere and I will mostly insert pictures of terrible quality. Don't expect much and you might be surprized. Go ahead, #hashtag away.

And maybe it's just space for me, to blog away

Do you look at old pictures at times and wonder how it was possible for you to be that way? Or how terribly you've done something, which you now mastered? Maybe we need these memories to see how far we've come and how much we've grown - always happy to see this, especially here, one time :)

In Lindental (BE) - Bouldering with Transa & Pesche & Yannick Glatthard
In Lindental (BE) - Bouldering with Transa & Pesche & Yannick Glatthard

Get Inspired

Fingers crossed that I can keep up this page and create something, which would be valuable for more people than just myself. Wish me good luck!

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